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Codian IP 网关 3500 系列


Codian IP 网关 3500 系列
腾博 Codian IP 网关 3500 系列


TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series

Voice and Video Internet Portal语音和视频互联网门户

TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series is a gateway for seamless and secure voice and video communication from the Internet to the intranet. 泰德Codian公司的IP毛重3500系列是一个互联网门户无缝和安全的语音和视频通信的内联网。


Model模型 Total Calls共有呼唤 Video Calls视频电话
IP GW 3510 知识产权毛重3510 10 10 5 5
ISDN GW 3520 ISDN的毛重3520 20 20 10 10
IP GW 3540 知识产权毛重3540 40 40 20 20



With the TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series, an organization can publish a single IP address to serve as a portal to all its video communications users, comparable to the switchboard number for traditional telephone calls.随着泰德Codian公司的IP毛重3500系列,一个组织可以发布一个IP地址作为其所有的视频通信用户门户,媲美传统电话总机号码。 No prior set up is required for new Internet users.无须事先设立的,需要新的互联网用户。They are greeted with either a live operator or auto attendant for professional and efficient call management.他们将受到欢迎,无论是生活与经营者或汽车专业和高效率的呼叫管理服务员。 Callers can also use the intuitive auto attendant menu to connect directly to common destinations or dial in directly using extension numbers.来电者也可以使用直观的菜单自动服务员直接连接直接使用分机号码,以共同的目的地或拨号。


Universal Connectivity - Translation between SIP and H.323 and transcoding between a wide range of video and audio standards ensures connectivity between almost any two IP endpoints. 通用连接 -标准的SIP和H.323之间的翻译和转换各种音频之间的视频和保证端点之间的连接几乎任何两个IP。 Dual Ethernet ports allow two completely independent IP networks to be connected.双以太网端口使两个完全独立的IP网络连接。

IP Clarity - IP networks including the Internet offer higher bandwidths at lower costs than traditional telephone networks. 知识产权清晰 - IP网络,包括互联网提供更高的带宽以较低的成本比传统的电话网络。 This extra bandwidth allows you to use higher quality voice and clearer comminication.这额外的带宽可以让你用更高质量的语音和清晰的人际交往。

Ease of Use - Connects all your voice and video IP endpoints and infrastructure to the Internet. 易于使用 -连接你所有的IP语音和视频终端和基础设施到互联网。 Easy integration without the need for a gatekeeper.易于集成而不需要一个看门人。 Dial by phone number, IP address or through the interactive menu.拨打电话号码,IP地址或通过交互菜单。 Operator assistance built in to aid call routing.算援助,以帮助建立呼叫路由。 Simple to install and maintain.易于安装和维护。

Robust and Reliable - Designed from the ground up as network infrastructure, the TANDBERG Codian IP GW 3500 Series is rack mountable with custom non-PC hardware and a secure operating system. 鲁棒可靠 -基础设施设计从根本上为网络,泰德Codian公司的IP毛重3500系列机架系统挂载自定义的非PC硬件和安全运行。 Includes comprehensive remote web management, reporting and upgrades.包括全面的远程网络管理,报告和升级。

Standards-based and Compatible - Offers full interoperability with SIP and H.323 endpoints combined with Codian's proven compatibility with all major vendors. 标准为基础,兼容 -主要供应商提供全面的互操作性与兼容性与所有的SIP和H.323的端点结合Codian公司证实。

Packet Safe™ Technology - Works in conjunction with Codian's unique transcoding architecture to ensure that packet loss anywhere in the network will have minimal impact on the quality of your call and most importantly, that you stay connected. 包安全™技术 -建筑作品一起转码与Codian的独特的,以确保数据包在网络中任何地方的损失将最重要的是最小的质量影响你的电话,那你保持联系。


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